Infrared Technology

Cocoon-Relax Infrarot 1

The application of heat can be helpful with various complaints, which makes it extremely important for our health. The special thing about our 3D carbon infrared heater developed by our partner Physiotherm: Exceptionally even and pleasant warmth is transmitted across the entire heating area.

Thanks to this unique technology, gentle infrared heat is radiated at a beneficial intensity, which permits contactless heat transfer across the entire central area of the back with every back shape and so allows optimal warming through.

Cocoon-Relax Infrarot 2

The 3D carbon infrared heater is an independent preinstalled component that can be inserted into the Cocoon Relax without any installation effort. It can be adjusted between two heat levels and all it requires is connection to the mains to guarantee operation, replacement or retrofitting without tools or technical effort. All the electronic components including the infrared heating element are built as interlocking and encapsulated and the connections between the seat and infrared heater are seamless.

The Cocoon Relax with 3D carbon infrared heater is suitable not only for private use. It is also excellent for use in thermal spas, rehabilitation centres and in hotel and wellness facilities.